New PHRC updates (en)

The last year has been difficult for all, including the PHRC team... but we are back!

We are happy to launch a new update of the website, with the following novelties

- we have fixed some technical problems

- added unique and permanent IDs for each entry (now you can link your own projects to PHRC items)

- released 11 new texts: 1 from Asia Minor (decree for Achaios the Elder, PHRC 060), and 10 from Alexandria and Kanopos (PHRC 051-059 and 061)

- enlarged the PHRC team: to date, this is our grop, but we hope to enlarge it even more in the upcoming months!
Coding, translating, commenting: there is plenty of work to do, come on board!

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Travocial - Social Travel & Storytelling Practicalities of Hellenistic Ruler Cults
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