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PHRC061 : Dedication to Sarapis, Isis, Neilos, Ptolemy III and Berenike II (Kanopos) - Egypt (243-221 BC) Plaque

This limestone plaque bears an elegantly written dedication by a private donor to the divine triad Sarapis, Isis, and Neilos together with the royal couple Ptolemy III and Berenike II, the Theoi Euergetai. The content of the dedication and the actual place where it was accomplished are unknown. Kanopos has delivered various inscriptions testifying to the interaction between Isiac deities and the royal house. As for PHRC 055, the addition of the river god Nile to the list of recipients suggests a possible link with the content of the Kanopos decree (238 BC), where the ruling couple is celebrated for having protected the population in a period of food shortage caused by an insufficient Nile flood, and for a calendar reform meant to reinstate the natural order of seasons. The presence of Neilos therefore evokes the role played by the Euergetai in protecting Egypt and the cosmic order, thus fulfilling the traditional duties of legitimate rulers.

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Photo 1: Photo of the stone, from CPI I, p. 190.

Current location

Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, Cabinet des Médailles
Inv. No. REG Y 12695


Object Type: Plaque
Material: Limestone
Height: 15 cm cm
Width: 24,5 cm
Depth: 4 cm


Text divided in five lines respecting word ending. The CPI edition mentions slightly incised guidelines, which are not visible in the photo
Elegant letters of the second half of the 3rd cent., with thickening and small serifs at the end of long hastae. A with straight crossbar, Σ and Μ with parallel outer strokes; Π with projecting topbar and half-length right vertical.
Letter height between 1 and 0.8 cm.


Original Place: Kanopos
Date: 243-221 BC
Justification: Formulary
Provenance: Formerly in the private collection Froehner (Paris); donated to the Bibliothèque Nationale in 1918. Provenance unknown, but the list of divine recipients points to the Kanopos region (cf. PHRC 055).


Text constituted from: CPI I 93.

Other editions: I.Delta I, p 235-236, no. 6.

See also: Crowther 2020, p. 240 (writing).

Images: CPI I, p. 190.

Further bibliography: see PHRC 055 .

Online record: TM 102617


Σαράπιδι καὶ Ἴσιδι καὶ Νείλωι
καὶ βασιλεῖ Πτολεμαίωι
καὶ βασιλίσσηι Βερενίκηι,
Θεοῖς Εὐεργέταις,
5 Καλλικράτης Ἀντιπάτρου


(J. Dechevez)
To Sarapis and Isis and Neilos, and to King Ptolemy and Queen Berenike, Theoi Euergetai, Kallikrates, (son) of Antipatros.


(S. Caneva)
A Sarapis e Isis e Nelios, e a re Tolemeo e alla regina Berenice, Theoi Euergetai, Artemidoros, Kallikrates, (figlio) di Antipatros.


(J. Dechevez)
À Sarapis et Isis et Nelios, et au roi Ptolémée et à la reine Bérénice, Theoi Euergetai, Kallikratès, (fils) d'Antipatros.


See commentary to PHRC 055, with the same text except for the author of the dedication. Here the donor's name is not followed by his ethnic. He might be a citizen of Alexandria.

Julien Dechevez, Stefano Caneva, on 20.06.2021

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