New release of texts (nos. 17-42)

Dear PHRC readers,

We are happy to launch today the second set of texts (nos. 17-42) of the PHRC collection.

The new documents concern Ptolemaic and Attalid ruler cults in Asia Minor, the Aegan Islands, and Cyprus.

With this new release we are adding a new type of text (no. 36, a fragment of a Delian inventory) and a new material (andesite, used for various Attalid altars in Pergamon).

New sovereigns (Ptolemy V, Attalos I, Eumenes II) are concerned as well as new locations (Herakleia near Latmos, Pergamon and its neighbouring sanctuary of Mamurt Kale, Amorgos, Delos, Soloi in Cyprus). Nos. 30-35 combine with the previously released no. 14 to complete the dossier of dedications to Arsinoe Philadelphos from the Paphos area, the biggest from the whole Ptolemaic Mediterranean.

No. 20 provides the first published photos of an altar of Attalos I at the sanctuary of the Meter Theon of Mamurt Kale, SE of Pergamon (I am very grateful to the staff of the DAI Istanbul for thei kind permission).

No. 25 reaches out to the low chronological limit of this collection as it concerns cultic honours for Augustus by the Boukoloi of Pergamon. The altar comes from an aristocratic mansion on the Pergamon hill that has also delivered two altars for Attalos I, which are most probably posthumous (nos. 23 and 24).

No. 28 provides a revised edition of IvP I 59, a small altar for an Attalid king usually identified with Attalos I, but for which the formulary rather suggests a new identification with Eumenes II.

The commentaries pay particular attention to the material aspects of support type, layout and writing, which can considerably enrich our understanding of short dedications to ritually honoured sovereigns in the Hellenistic period.

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